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Succulents Wood Lid Glass Jar
Succulents Wood Lid Glass Jar
Lucca Workshop

Succulents Wood Lid Glass Jar

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Glass jars are not only reusable (for as long as you can be careful) but give one joy to see on the counter or in the cupboard.  It sure makes it easy to find things that can otherwise be forgotten.  These lovely glass jars have a rubber sealed lid with original designs by Lucca Workshop, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. 


  • 31 oz. Storage Jar
  • Real Maple Wood Lid
  • Air Tight Seal
  • Food Safe Storage
  • Safe For Candles
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.5", Base: 4", Top: 4"

Meet the Makers

Lucca is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. An all women-owned and operated shop these ladies have created a fabulous line of decorative lids that will give you great joy when you grab one to get some snacks or to fill the coffee grinder.