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Our Commitments

Pink Moon Goods prides itself on being anti-racist and anti-hate. We believe that Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter.  We believe that all women are in control of their own bodies.  We believe all survivors.
We will work to dismantle a system of white supremacy that continues to threaten the lives of all people of color. We stand with the LGBTQ+ community to ensure that their rights are protected. We will form relationships with vendors and makers who align with our beliefs and who also strive to celebrate and honor the lives of people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.  
We will not tolerate acts of hatred in our store or on our social media. 
We will source inventory and materials that are created using ethical labor and from vendors that pay fair wages. We will work tirelessly to reduce waste in packaging and daily operations. We will enrich the lives of our customers through the education of wise and ethical stewardship of our Earth. We promise to promote both a sustainable and affordable lifestyle.
YWCA Dayton GALENTINE'S DAY Pay-it-Forward 
Valentine's Day is hard enough when you are just a single person.  But imagine how much harder it could be if you are single because you left an abusive home to bring your children to live in a homeless shelter for their safety and yours.  
Everyone deserves to have beautiful yummy treats no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.  Let's help those that are less fortunate than us this Valentine's day. 
Use the code GALENTINES when ordering a chocolate bar from our collection to bypass shipping and alert me of your donation.  You will automatically be entered into a raffle drawing to win a bento bag from Ich*cha and an Elements Truffle Chocolate bar.  Offer good until Saturday, February 13, at noon est.  


Each year the YWCA Dayton gathers new items to create a holiday market for their residents.  This market is filled with a range of things from housewares, to underwear, to children's toys.  Residents can come to the market and choose items to gift to their children or grandchildren or even for themselves and the new life they are beginning. 
From November 27 - December 5, you can contribute to the Holiday Market by making a purchase in my shop. 15% of all sales will be contributed to purchase items for the market on behalf of our customers. 
We like to promote the idea that everyone deserves to have beautiful things so we will most likely find items to purchase that will add beauty to one's life.  Maybe some nail polish, hair products, or a pretty new bra.  
Each year Mother Tongue Ink donates hundreds of We'Moon date books to women in prison and to social organizations. Pink Moon Goods is proud to donate $1 from sales of each planner and calendar to help offset shipping costs for the program. By purchasing a We'Moon planner or wall calendar you will help bring the joy, inspiration, and spirit of We'Moon to our sisters behind bars.