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Our Story

Handmade bud vase with spring flowers sits on counter top with beautiful store in background

Finding beauty in everyday living is the core mission of our store. We want you to feel good about the design of the precious items you purchase, but we also want you to feel secure in the knowledge that the existence of those products is not causing harm and is adding to the overall good in the world. Ethical living is a choice we can make every single day by taking small steps to implement an ardent desire to simply be a better human. 

We believe there is nothing inherently wrong with being a consumer, but we want to help you be a more conscientious consumer.  

Visit our brick and mortar location in the beautiful Historic Huffman Neighborhood at 2027 East Fifth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45420

Store Hours

Tuesday - Saturday from 12:00 - 6:00pm

 Sustainable Practices

The commitment to support small business is the heart of Pink Moon Goods. We strive to support both the local economy as well as the global market by bringing the best available products to our customers. Our priority is to source goods that promote sustainable practices and the use of natural materials, highlighting our commitment to renewable and reusable resources as well as mindful living. 


Ethical living isn’t just about composting or not using plastic. In order to truly see ourselves as an integral piece to the planet’s design, we must begin by connecting with our community. The act of writing a simple letter or a physical to-do list can make an impact in how we engage each day in the world.  Finding ways to lift the voices of those who have been silenced means that we can create a more diverse world that celebrates all aspects of human creation.  


Everyone deserves to be surrounded by nice things and there is no universal law prohibiting practical items from also being beautiful. In fact, it is believed that the more we surround ourselves with beauty, the more likely we are to find ourselves in a state of calm gratitude. Pink Moon Goods knows that beautiful living can be made available to everyone when we work together to improve the lives of everyone. We are committed to enhancing our community by contributing in various ways to local organizations that provide safe housing and resources for victims of sexual and domestic violence.