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Yellow Lemons Swedish Dishcloth
Heartell Press

Yellow Lemons Swedish Dishcloth

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Trade that putrid plastic-based sponge for nature’s favorite cleanser: citrus. This bright yellow Generous Kitchen Sponge Cloth featuring a market bag of lemons will dry quickly, so it won’t harbor bacteria (or the odors that come with it). Pretty enough to hang on your wall, and safe for even the most delicate of surfaces (including little faces), so you can focus on enjoying the best things in life (like lemonade you actually found time to squeeze yourselves) with your nearest and dearest, mess and all. 

A reusable alternative to disposable paper towels and sponges, lasts many months! Each cloth saves between 17-40 rolls of paper towels. Save your trees for walks in the woods, and your time for the people you take them with.


  • Clean in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • 70% FSC cellulose, 30% recycled cotton
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Dyed with safe GOTS-certified pigments
  • Printed with water-based inks
  • Designed in the midwest
  • USA Made and printed in Sweden

Meet the Makers

Heartell Press is a women-owned and operated small business based in Indiana. Their story started when printmaker and illustrator Rachel Kroh was inspired to hand-carve woodblocks and print them to make cards after she had trouble finding the kind of warm, sincere designs she wanted to send to her mom who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Since then they have grown to a team of five and today are grateful to have the privilege of sending their handmade cards and gifts to card writers (and card keepers), cooks (and eaters), readers and gardeners and care givers like you all over North America and Europe. 

They believe that the root of joy is found in our relationships. They believe that growth is non-linear, that beauty is healing, and that stillness and silence are worth seeking out. They believe everyday creativity can be a vehicle for generating positive change in the world. They believe in embracing the adventure, and savoring every moment.