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Night Moths Study Single Card
Jill Bliss

Night Moths Study Single Card

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In this delightfully detailed image of the sun setting past the tiny island Jill returns to the rain forests and coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest coast to create a new line of nature-inspired work. 

Explore the moths of the Pacific Northwest in this detailed image. 

This artisan-quality card is made by a family-owned print shop in Portland, Oregon, using a meticulous process that ensures accurate reproduction.

  • 4.25" x 5.5" single card
  • Printed on 100% recycled, 50% post-consumer waste
  • Chlorine free printing process 
  • Blank inside

Jill Bliss (yes, that is actually her last name) lives, works, travels, and explores among the Salish Sea Islands of Canada and Washington State.  When not creating art she helps others in her little island community, works as a naturalist, and encourages visitors to explore the natural habitat around them.  When you buy her work you are supporting her ongoing studies and work, her island community, and local/national/international environmental and social justice organizations.  

BuyOlympia is a small operation located in Portland, Oregon that started in 1999, in Olympia, Washington as a way to help friends sell their awesome handmade items online.  It has since grown to have a lot more friends from all over the world.