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Lion Paper Clips | Colorful Metallic
Leone Dell'Era

Lion Paper Clips | Colorful Metallic

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A lovely workspace that inspires you to be your best at whatever you are doing deserves the very best supplies. Stock your desk with these Leone Dell'era colorful Italian paper clips that are one of a kind. Unlike traditional paper clips, these won't get easily bent out of shape. These clips are strong, sturdy, and rust-free thanks to the galvanized nickel-plated metal. Slightly wider and shaped a little differently than your average paper clip, these will become your new favorite office supply. Truly the best paperclip on the market. 


  • Includes 50 paper clips in 6 different metallic colors
  • Size 4 paper clips, 32mm long
  • High strength galvanized wire
  • Packaged in paper box that is 100% recyclable
  • Made in Italy since 1850

Meet the Makers

The story of Leonne Dell'Era begins around 1850 with Giuseppe Dell'Era, the founder of the company, who with the typical intuition of the pioneers of industrial development, specialized in the production of articles derived from metal wire. Since then the company has come a long way and the continuous evolution of production methods has allowed them to increase and perfect their experience in the processing of small metal parts. The characteristic family management of this company is a tradition that has been handed down for six generations, to offer quality and service to customers.