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Leather & Wooden Fly Swatter
Leather & Wooden Fly Swatter

Leather & Wooden Fly Swatter

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This leather fly swat is the perfect plastic-free tool for getting rid of those annoying flies. The leather swatting portion is flexible and makes a good loud "swat".  Comes with a leather hanging loop.  The Redecker fly swat is the best leather fly swat on the market and the only one you will ever need. 


  • Made from leather and untreated beechwood
  • Overall length is 19.75"
  • Made in Germany to last a lifetime

Meet the Makers

Redecker has been making brushes by hand since 1935. Since then some things have changed, but what remains the same is that Redecker stands for successful merging of natural materials with optimal function and design. Their unique inventive perspective, solid workmanship, and creativity gives life to the Redecker name. The quality and beauty of the their products speak for themselves. 

Redecker brushes are made of domestic (to Germany) woods, bristles, hair, or plant fibres, as they have been for decades. Completely different natural materials are used to suit various purposes. Regardless of the material Redecker takes great care in selecting natural raw materials. They aren't doing it because of popular trends but rather because it is their deeply rooted philosophy. 

Their love is dedicated to quality down to the last detail! These products are not only practical but also beautiful and, most importantly, a low waste home essential for us all.

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