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Flower Bouquet Notecard Sets
Flower Bouquet Notecard Sets
Furukawa Shiko

Flower Bouquet Notecard Sets

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These are the most delightful little notecards. When you give a gift you want to give it with something to say and this is one special way you can. 

Write a few words, fold it up, and in no time at all, a bouquet of flowers is ready! It comes with an envelope, so you can send it as a letter. Of course, the bouquet letter alone will also be appreciated.

Your gift or letter will be more gorgeous with the bouquet letter, and will surely become a gift of a higher grade!


  • Includes 4 notecards and 2 envelopes
  • Made in Japan
  • Packaged in cellophane

Meet the Makers

Furukawa Shiko is pleased to honor the long history of Japan and its beautiful lifestyles that have been nurtured. They believe the spiritually rich lifestyle that has been cultivated by respecting the blessings of nature is also present on paper, and is an aesthetic sense and values ​​that have been passed down since the Nara and Heian periods.

Through the changes of time they have been honored to continue to support the existence of paper and its unique presence in Japanese life. Paper gives us an opportunity to feel the season, think of another person, and enjoy writing letters on paper that conveys your feelings.

They believe in the power of paper and are committed to honoring paper and  encouraging others to explore the possibilities of paper in modern life and utilize paper's functions as a material for expression.