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Wool Skillet Handle Cozy
Wool Skillet Handle Cozy
RachelDB Creative

Wool Skillet Handle Cozy

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Keep those hands protected while cooking with your cast iron skillets. 

Handmade and sturdy, this skillet handle cozy is made to fit multiple lengths of skillet handles. Just simply trim the end if you find the length to be too long. 

***If using on a gas powered stovetop be sure to protect cozy from flames. 


  • 100% Felted Wool Body 
  • One size fits most
  • Cut length for smaller skillets
  • Handmade in Dayton, Ohio

Meet the Maker
Rachel Dominguez-Benner is a co-op developer and creative, living and working in Dayton, Ohio. Rachel DB’s specialty is providing additional capacity for non-profits and start-up co-ops especially with graphic design and communications. Her designs are spunky and promote ideas of community and interconnectedness.  She is passionate about co-ops of all kinds and exploring fun and new ways to be gluten-free.