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Wool Dryer Balls | Made Locally!
Wool Dryer Balls | Made Locally!
Wool Dryer Balls | Made Locally!
Wool Dryer Balls | Made Locally!
Rose and Marlene

Wool Dryer Balls | Made Locally!

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Ensure your laundry is fresh and soft with these locally-made wool dryer balls. They are larger than the average dryer balls and are made using nearby-harvested wool for a small carbon footprint. They make a great eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets!

Did you know a lot of dryer balls on the market are made in Nepal using wool harvested in New Zealand? That is a lot of traveling for something that is suppose to help us reduce our waste and carbon footprint. Pink Moon Goods is proud to carry this dryer ball made by a local maker using wool harvested within just a few miles from where they are made. 

We recommend to use two or three of these dryer balls at one time. 


  • 100% all-natural wool – no perfumes
  • Outside layer features small bits of dyed wool
  • Reduces drying time by up to 30%
  • Softens clothes and reduces static
  • Reusable and long-lasting (years!)
  • Handmade in Loveland, Ohio using wool sourced locally
  • Makes a great gift for an eco-conscious friend or a new parent looking for safe alternatives to chemical dryer sheets