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Witching Hour Sticker
Solstice Handmade

Witching Hour Sticker

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This colored vinyl sticker features every gardeners silent friend, the bat. We know they are out there helping us each night whether we see them or not. Place this sticker in your favorite sticker spot. 


  • 4.75" x 3"
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Made in the USA

Meet the Makers
Since 2017, Solstice Handmade has been working with other local artists and small businesses to create unique offerings made with their hand pulled prints. From natural dye artists, to leather workers, to quilters and ceramicists, they invest in our friends and neighbors and believe more can be accomplished together. Whenever they can, they use local help, organic fabrics, natural colors, secondhand garments, and use up every scrap of material.

Dayna Walton, the owner, uses her own illustrations and prints that are often inspired by the creepy crawly, the slimy, the overlooked, the in-between stages of growth and decomposition, beginnings and endings. Education and exploration are at the heart of her images, and of her classes that bring together art and science. Through in person workshops and virtual classes, Dayna's aim is to make art approachable and start conversations about conservation and place.

The murals she creates put specific species and systems in the spotlight, hoping to inspire stewardship and curiosity in the world around us.