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Unbleached 8" Basket Coffee Filter
Unbleached 8" Basket Coffee Filter
Unbleached 8" Basket Coffee Filter
If You Care

Unbleached 8" Basket Coffee Filter

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If You Care's very first products hold a special place in their heart.  If You Care Coffee Filters are made from unbleached totally chlorine-free (TCF) paper.  They will not affect the taste of your coffee and will reduce the amount of pollution in our environment because like all If You Care paper products, these coffee filters are totally chlorine-free, so they do not release chlorine or chlorine derivatives into our lakes, rivers and streams.

Packaging may vary. Includes 100 filters. 

Meet the Makers

The If You Care brand was created in 1990 and started with unbleached coffee filters. If You Care had the first and only unbleached coffee filters in North America at that time. Parchment Baking Paper and Baking Cups soon followed, both unbleached as well.

In 2004, the very first Aluminum Foil made from 100% recycled aluminum was launched. This product featured a 95% energy savings compared to conventional aluminum foil. 

If You Care embarked on an aggressive growth pattern beginning 2009, launching innovative and unique products every year 

If You Care products are produced with a view to reducing the amount of waste in our waste streams. If possible, nothing should remain after the product has been used and properly disposed of. All packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard or paper which can be recycled again.