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Soap Noir | Black Soap | All-purpose Cleaner
Marius Fabre

Soap Noir | Black Soap | All-purpose Cleaner

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Marius Fabre has been making cauldron-cooked olive oil black soap at their factory in Salon-de-Provence using traditional crafts expertise for over 110 years. In fact, in the 1950's and 60's the Marius Fabre soap factory supplied over 100 tonnes of black soap a year to the French Navy in Toulon to clean the decks of their ships. 

A very effective natural cleaner for the whole house, ecological and economical, it can easily replace about a dozen other specific household cleaning products.

Their black soap is made using their own exclusive patented formula based on a high concentration of olive oil. Beware of imitations that use linseed oil.  

Multi-purpose cleaner that can be used on the following items:

  • floors and tiled surfaces
  • cooking surfaces or worktops
  • frying pans and fryers
  • copper and silver
  • windows
  • leather
  • stubborn stains
  • barbecue grills
  • motorcycles, cars, bicycles, boats
  • as an insecticide for plants with pests
  • pets 
  • art brushes
  • paint stains


  • Made from olive oil
  • Solvent-free, no artificial colouring
  • Biodegradable and safe for the environment

 *Note: Its highly concentrated formula means that only a little goes a really long way.

Meet the Makers

For more than 118 years and four generations, the family of Marius Fabre has been making Marseille soap exclusively from a rigorous selection of vegetable oils. It contains no colouring and no synthetic additives. It is free of petroleum-based products and animal fats, unlike most of the other soaps and shower gels on the market.

In 1900, barely 22, Marius Fabre founded his soap company in Salon-de-Provence. He started up in the garden shed, where he set up two cauldrons and a few moulds.

At that time, Salon-de-Provence was an extremely prosperous city, thanks to the commerce of oil, soap and coffee. The abundance of raw materials in Provence (olive oil in the Alpilles, soda and salt in the Camargue made possible the development of the soap-making industry in Marseille.

The use of cauldrons for soap making is not very common today but has stood the test of time at Marius Fabre. Now managed by the great granddaughters of Marius himself, they remain committed to a traditional style of soap making for over 120 years and through four generations.  The Marseille soap tradition follows the cooking process to the ultimate stage of testing the product to ensure its done to perfection. 

Since 1900, Marius Fabre products remain an art and continue to be produced according to the same philosophy :

  • based on vegetable oils,
  • without the use of animal fats,
  • no artificial colourings or parabens,
  • not tested on animals,
  • biodegradable, respects the environment,
  • recyclable packaging