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Orchid | Swedish Dishcloth
Three Bluebirds

Orchid | Swedish Dishcloth

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These lovely blooming orchid will remind you to think of beauty as you clean your home.  

Eco-friendly, hygienic and reusable Swedish dishcloths designed and printed in the United States.  Replace one use paper towels and stinky plastic sponges with these versatile, unique and joyfully designed dishcloths.  

Perfect for household chores.  Use with water, soap, or sprays for streak-free countertops, granite, stainless steel, and glass.  Rinse and squeeze out excess water between uses and hang dry.  Wash regularly in the washing machine or dishwasher and air dry.  One of these lovely cloths will last up to 6-9 months.  

  • Made of organic cotton, cellulose from FSC certified forests, and water-based inks
  • Reusable and washable over 200 times
  • Replaces 17 rolls of paper towel
  • Absorbs 20x its weight
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 6.5" x 8"
  • Designed and printed in Connecticut

Meet the Makers

Three Bluebirds is family owned and operated since 2013 and the first to bring the infamous Scandinavian home goods product to the United States.  The business started when Lynda, after discovering this product found in every Finnish home, was eager to share this innovative product to inspire more earth-friendly lifestyles in the United States.  Lynda's husband Lasse, a Finnish native, grew up using only plain, solid colored Swedish dishcloths.  With Lynda's excitement and urging they set out to create a decorative, beautiful version of this old standard. 

Three Bluebirds is committed to working with a local husband-and-wife-led team to print their own Swedish dishcloths on the proprietary fabric that is only manufactured in Europe. The two couples have formed a fruitful partnership built on trust and kindness, and have become close, lifelong friends.

Through their partnership with 1% For The Planet, Three Bluebirds restores 20 gallons of water to the Earth for every dishcloth sold! This does not include the additional water and resources saved from avoiding disposable products. Contributions are made to Business for Water Stewardship projects, to support innovative water restoration projects and environmental action around the U.S. They aim to empower consumers to use their dollars to help the Earth.