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Rainbow Tomten
Rainbow Tomten
Rainbow Tomten

Rainbow Tomten

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This set of six Tomten allow children to create a creative playing possibilities where their characters can be transformed according to the imagination of each boy or girl dreaming. Imaginary worlds abound.


  • Figures range in size with the tallest being 2.5" tall
  • All dyes are water based and non-toxic and colors might vary slightly, like nature itself.
  • Wood comes from sustainable forests
  • Finishes are made with wax and oils of vegetable origin.
  • All packaging is 100% plastic free.
  • All products are manufactured and tested in accordance with the safety requirements of the European and American Toy Safety Standards.
  • Best care for the pieces: store in a cool, dry place. Clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not immerse parts in water or use disinfectants.

Meet the Makers

THE STORY (of Grapat) SO FAR...

Grapat started to form as an idea after the birth of the founders first child. Upon realizing how she didn’t really need any off-the-shelf toys in order to play and would use her ingeniousness to turn everyday objects into whatever she desired the realized that being present, observing her needs and offering daily objects to fulfill them, was all that really mattered.

Grapat wants to make sure that every child has a free and respectful upbringing, filled with playtimes that are open-ended and free from expectations or judgement. The pieces should invite and incite their own genuine flair for creation. For this, they offer play material without instructions nor limits. The folks at Grapat believe it is our duty as adults to protect this sacred moment, without interfering, just observing and being present. Grapat's motto is “be free, play open!”

All of Grapat's collaborators and suppliers are within close proximity to their manufacturing, located in Europe. In this way they are able to ensure fair working conditions and the sourcing of materials is all ethical.