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Rainbow Mushroom Prayer Flags
Rainbow Mushroom Prayer Flags
Rainbow Mushroom Prayer Flags

Rainbow Mushroom Prayer Flags

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A rainbow of mushrooms for your apothecary, over your window, door, or wherever your mushroom-lovin' heart desires. Each flag features a very special mushroom illustration with its common name below.

Featured Mushrooms:  

Amanita Muscaria, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chanterelle, Lion's Mane, Morel, Turkey Tail, Blue Oyster, Purple Blewit, Pink Bonnet

*Flags feature a mix of medicinal mushrooms as well as mushrooms that are known to be toxic. Please always do your own research and/or consult with a trusted teacher before ingesting any wild mushrooms. 


  • Made by hand
  • Printed on 100% cotton with eco-friendly inks
  • Sewn onto durable cotton string
  • Measurements:
    • Each individual herb flag measures 4" x 5"
    • Overall length of flags is 4 feet wide.
    • There's an extra foot of cotton string on either side for tie out = max length 6 feet.

Meet the Maker

Wanderite is an eco-friendly line of herb + mushroom inspired art, including hand-dyed bandanas, home decor, cards and stickers. All pieces are drawn by hand by founder and botanical illustrator, Lorrin Webb.

Their thoughtfully crafted goods are made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and are eco-conscious and made using responsibly sourced materials. Inspired by a deep reverence of earth's natural cycles, wise women traditions, herbalism, lunar cycles & operating from a place of unity consciousness, Wanderite exists to bridge the gap for anyone exploring these powerful activators of human potential.

A portion of all proceeds from Wanderite's retail sales goes to the non-profit group Herbalists Without Borders, helping make herbal medicine more accessible to all through a variety of local efforts including community gardens + clinics, and so much more.