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MT Casa Shade | Laceflower
MT Casa Shade | Laceflower
MT Tape

MT Casa Shade | Laceflower

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This lovely wide tape is a high-performance shading tape that cuts 99% of ultraviolet rays while also adding the ability to soften sunshine and creating a shad effect indoors. 

Just like a lace curtain, this tape can help create 
soft sunlight that can be enjoyed while creating shade. It is easy to apply and remove. 

Suitable for small windows.


  • Dimensions: 90mm x 10m or 3.5" wide x 32' long
  • Please test on surface before applying entirely. Some surfaces may experience a residue left behind when tape is removed. 
  • Made in Japan. 

Meet the Makers

MT is the original brand of washi paper masking tape, created by the 100 year old paper adhesives company Kamoi Kakoshi and produced in Japan.   In 2006, the company offered a tour to three women in Tokyo who were using their industrial tapes for beautiful craft projects.  Amazed by this surprising and wonderful usage, Kamoi Kakoshi was inspired to develop an entirely new and original category of tape: MT brand washi tape.  The superior level of ‘just right’ adhesion allows MT to be easily repositioned on most objects and to be used on painted walls without damaging paint.