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Midori Asano | Fleur Sticky Notes

Midori Asano | Fleur Sticky Notes

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Transform your note-taking experience with these delightful sticky notes. With a playful and delightful design printed on vellum paper, these handy and easy to use sticky notes are both pretty and functional. Plus, the packaging can even turn into a stand, making writing notes a fun and quirky experience!

Depending on the writing utensil used the drying time my be delayed due to the nature of the vellum paper. 


  • Includes 40 sheets
  • Dimensions: stick notes are 2.25" x 2.75" approximately, stand is 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Made in Japan
  • Packaged in cello sleeve

After working as a graphic designer Midori Asano became an illustrator. In addition to illustrations for magazines, books, advertisements, and websites, she is also involved in the planning and production of tableware and miscellaneous goods, mainly illustrations, making use of her experience as a designer.

Meet the Maker

Cozyca products is Kyoto's long-established manufacturer and expression company established in 1948 by Hyogensha. They produce a wide variety of beautiful and unique products in collaboration with Japanese artists such as Subikiawa, Shu Nishi, Aiko Nunokawa, Violet & Claire, kata kata, Hirosebeni, Mihoko Seki, Junichi Nakahara, Leo Leoni, and many other cute stationery and miscellaneous goods in collaboration with many artists. Exhibitions and workshops are also held from time to time in the gallery on the second floor. A story that mixes the past and the present will be created by everyone who visits them. They are waiting for you with a lot of cute stationery and miscellaneous goods filled with the artist's expression.

With the rise of emails and smartphones in this rational world, Hyogensha thinks it is now, most important than ever to take the time and effort to give your loved ones a sincere message and we couldn't agree more.