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Linen Pinafore Apron
Linen Pinafore Apron
Linen Pinafore Apron
Linen Pinafore Apron
Linen Pinafore Apron
Linen Tales

Linen Pinafore Apron

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The lovely Linen Pinafore Apron is perfect for a busy home chef. The beautiful design that crosses around your back will keep your clothes neat and sharp while making art in the kitchen. No adjustable ties let you smoothly put on and take off the apron in just a few seconds. It also features four comfortable pockets for holding any utensils you may need to have at hand.

There is no way to convey truly how luscious this linen truly is. The well-made nature of this apron is unprecedented. 

Linen is the strongest, and most resistant natural fiber has unique bacteriologic properties and is less prone to wear and tear down. Your favorite linen pieces can last you for many years with proper care!


  • Size: Width is 114 cm / 45", Length is 83 cm / 33"
  • Comfortable design: no straps or ties, just put it on, and you are ready!
  • Four front pockets let you store things you want to have at hand
  • 100% linen, 215 g/m2
  • Stone washed for extra softness
  • Handmade with love in Lithuania 
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® certified linen fabric
  • Care: To avoid shrinkage, the machine washing temperature should be 40°C / 100°F. Avoid harsh powder detergents to clean the pieces and use oxygen-based bleach only on white linen. For best drying results, hang-dry your linen; if you don’t have such an opportunity, use a tumble on low and remove it while still damp. You can iron the fabric for a neat look, but we encourage you to embrace a natural crinkled look one of the loveliest qualities of linen. 

Meet the Makers

Linen Tales is a family business striving to bring the modern linen classics to contemporary homes. Passionate about aesthetics, their principal idea is to make things that are not only practical, but also beautiful which perfectly aligns with the mission of Pink Moon Goods. 

By creating products of high quality they encourage a “less waste, conscious consumption" mindset where products are used over and over again, passed down to family, friends and even through to future generations.

Linen Tales vision for ethical and sustainable production is at the heart of their business. It means respecting people and the environment in everything they do. They strive to create great products in a kind and sustainable way and are committed to reducing their environmental impact throughout every segment of their business, including the design process, supply chain, and logistics choices.

Linen Tales wants to keep the proud traditions of Lithuanian linen deep within their brand identity. Thus, it’s quite important for them to support local producers by managing the supply chain and general production here in Lithuania.