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Kite Paper | 6 x 6 Pre-cut Multi-colored Sheets
Kite Paper | 6 x 6 Pre-cut Multi-colored Sheets
Kite Paper | 6 x 6 Pre-cut Multi-colored Sheets

Kite Paper | 6 x 6 Pre-cut Multi-colored Sheets

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Kite paper is thin yet firm with a translucent gloss. Because it allows light to pass through like stained glass, it makes a beautiful window decoration craft. There are many variations of color combinations or folding and cutting options used to create unique and stunning stars. 

Kite paper can be used for many kinds of creative artwork: to watermark pictures, decorate lanterns, making stars, snowflakes, pinwheels, and your very own unique creation. 


  • 100 sheets in total
  • Each sheet is 6" x 6"
  • Colors included: 05 yellow, 06 golden yellow, 08 orange, 10 red, 09 purple, 04 dark purple, 03 dark green, 07 light green, 01 blue, 02 brown, and 12 white
  • Includes instructions for making Kite Paper Stars to hang in a window

Meet the Makers

At Mercurius "art makes sense" and it shows in their commitment to high quality produce for creative education, working together with Waldorf schools, and being socially and environmentally responsible. 

Mercurius is the leading supplier of independent and public Waldorf schools as early childhood programs. They supply sustainably produced products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, toys, and imaginative play. Mercurius is committed to sourcing products and services from organizations that employ people with disabilities.