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Glass Straw | 9" Bent
Glass Straw | 9" Bent
Glass Straw | 9" Bent
Glass Straw | 9" Bent
Glass Straw | 9" Bent
Glass Straw | 9" Bent

Glass Straw | 9" Bent

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Elevate your sipping experience with our luxurious 9" bent glass straw. Made from premium, safe, and durable glass, it adds a touch of elegance to any drink or glassware. Enjoy the benefits of a reusable straw without compromising on taste. 

SAFE: No leaching of the typical toxins found in plastic straws. No BPA, no toxins, no lead.  Just the yumminess you are drinking. 

SUSTAINABLE: In the US alone 500 million single use plastic straws are disposed of everyday. These glass straws are reusable and a lovely eco-friendly way to jazz up your drink. 

DISHWASHER SAFE/EASY TO CLEAN: These strong glass straws are dishwasher safe, although they usually clean pretty easy by just running some hot water through them.  Also each single straw or straw set includes a free cleaning brush.  

KID FRIENDLY: Toxin free and shatter resistant makes them safe for kids.  Teach them young. 


  • Includes one 9" straw and one cleaning brush
  • Straws are bent at the top
  • Plastic-free packaging

Meet the Makers

When the founders of Hummingbird learned that single-use plastic straws can't be recycled, they decided to drink differently.  Wanting to create a straw that didn't have a damaging impact on our planet they set out to try all available options like paper and stainless steel... but they weren't quite right. Then they had the great idea to try glass! And they realized it was better than they could imagine. 

Now, using glass straws is one of their simple daily pleasures. The love how they feel to hold and drink from. Hummingbird founders enjoy watching their smoothies shoot up the clear straw as they sip and are happy to report that they make everything taste better!