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Fleurs de Provence | Loose Leaf Green Tea
Fleurs de Provence | Loose Leaf Green Tea

Fleurs de Provence | Loose Leaf Green Tea

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A beautifully aromatic, floral tea with hints of foliage & images of a provincial French garden, this tea is blended with the tender young silver buds of the tea plant, hand-rolled into delicate jasmine scented pearls, pink rosebuds, chamomile & dutch lavender.

Pure bliss to all the senses!

Flavor Profile
Floral, sweet, and mellow.

Tasting Notes
Aromatic. Floral. Hints of foliage & French provincial gardens.

Ingredients in a 1 oz bag: organic jasmine pearls + organic pink rosebuds + organic chamomile flowers + organic dutch lavender

Meet the Maker 

Tea.o.graphy is  a family and community that has been created and bonded by a passion for the craft and love in the act of creating something beautiful and nourishing. All that they create comes from a deep love for their craft and with much intention.

Tea.o.graphy takes environmental responsibility very seriously; from the sourcing and purity of their ingredients and blends to the packaging their teas are nestled in.

They made an active decision to keep their manufacturing processes a labor of love by well intentioned and caring hands. They do not use any large scale equipment or machinery to blend or package their teas. Each tea is blended, and packaged from start to finish by hand, thereby reducing the footprint and keeping people in their community employed.

In addition, the packaging is almost all fully compostable in your backyard! Even the tea bags are made of unbleached hemp - with NO sneaky micro-plastics.