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Everyday French Market Basket
Everyday French Market Basket
Everyday French Market Basket
Everyday French Market Basket
Everyday French Market Basket
Medina Mercantile

Everyday French Market Basket

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This signature classic french market basket is a timeless and beloved staple for shoppers worldwide. Handcrafted with care, this sturdy market tote is woven from durable date palm leaf, ensuring long-lasting use for all your daily needs.

Featuring a double-woven top edge, this basket is designed with extra sturdy finishing for added durability. The double leather handles offer flexibility and easy handling, making it ideal for carrying a basket full of groceries or laundry with ease. The leather tabs also provide additional support for the handles, ensuring that the basket can withstand heavy loads without compromising its structure.  There is no grommeting on this basket which helps to keep the straps attached reliably. 

Whether you're running errands, heading to the beach, or simply carrying your everyday essentials, this basket is the perfect accessory to accompany you on your journey.


  • Made in Morocco and imported by a family run business since the 1970's
  • Made from date palm leaf and leather
  • Straps are hand sewn in place to ensure no cuts into the material which helps them be more sturdy and last longer
  • Dimensions are approximate as each basket is handmade. Most fit these dimensions: Base is approximately 8" x 12", height is approximately 12", and top opening is approximately 18" long

Meet the Makers

30 years ago, John Wilson opened his first store in D.C., one of the first in the city to offer unique, handmade clothing, textiles, jewelry and artifacts imported from fine craftspeople around the world.  In 1994, Medina Mercantile began exclusively wholesaling, importing baskets, artifacts and clothing from Morocco.  

For three generations Medina has sought out only products that meet their eye for design and their ethical stand on production.  They believe in supporting work and production that keeps families and communities intact, and that allows the highest percentage of purchase price to go directly to the artisans.

The market totes and baskets are produced in Morocco, handwoven by artisans and rural farmers as a second income.  Each weave is particular to different regions in Morocco, based on tradition and available materials-- palm market baskets are traditional to the dryer regions of the country, such as Marrakesh, while the northern regions produce the flat weave water reed totes.  Medina's supplier, after living for many years in Norway as a shopkeeper, returned to Morocco where he travels throughout the country to find baskets that are then finished in work shops in Marrakesh with leather the focus of supporting traditional craftspeople and rural farmers, contributing to keeping rural economies viable.