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Cotton Rounds | Reusable on Printed Fabric
Cotton Rounds | Reusable on Printed Fabric
Cotton Rounds | Reusable on Printed Fabric
Cotton Rounds | Reusable on Printed Fabric
Ersilia Design

Cotton Rounds | Reusable on Printed Fabric

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This set of reusable cotton rounds is the perfect green alternative to make your skin care routine gentle, fun and planet-friendly!
Use it for applying cleanser/toner and removing makeup, these pads will feel soft and fluffy on your skin.

Each makeup removal pad is made of three layers of fabric: two layers of super soft 100% organic cotton flannel (white side) and one layer of pattern cotton (color side) made using leftover cuts from Ersilia Design's New England studio. Using up excess fabric is very important to them: this way of manufacturing makes the product zero waste and adds a pop of color to your makeup routine!


  • Listing is for a set of 9 wipes
  • 3" diameter each
  • Assorted patterns vary and may be different from patterns pictured with listing
  • Washing Instructions: rinse rounds with cold water after use to avoid staining and the follow up with a warm machine wash and machine or hang dry. 

Meet the Maker

    The concept of Ersilia Design was born during founder Luca's first New England winter when she started working with natural yarns, especially wool and cotton. Ever since, it has found it developing to channel her passion for eco-friendly handmade products that are cute, practical, and hold up to wear.

    Ersilia focuses on reusable accessories for grocery shopping, bath, and the kitchen, with minimal, recyclable or compostable packaging. 
    Their range of practical products help eliminate plastics from our environment while adding a cheerful pop of color to your home.