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Chainmail Scrubber 4"
Chainmail Scrubber 4"
Chainmail Scrubber 4"
Chainmail Scrubber 4"

Chainmail Scrubber 4"

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If you are looking for the perfect chemical free way to remove stuck food from your pans, skillets and Dutch ovens, Knapp's patented Chainmail Scrubber is the tool for you. This unassuming square of chain mail will quickly become your favorite tool for removing stuck on food bits from your cast iron pan without damaging your seasoning.  Knapp's product features a larger chainmail link in one corner so you can hang it up to dry and keep it in top condition. This tool is nearly indestructible and will truly last a lifetime. 

Chainmail Scrubber is heavy duty, very tough on grease and grime, grills, commercial & home use, and designed for cast iron pots and pans. Start gently when using this product - a little bit of scrubbing goes a long way!

*Please note: this scrubber is intended for Pyrex, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel pans; it will damage non-stick pans or other delicate surfaces. Try it on your grill as it will work wonders on even the grubbiest of grates.


  • Made from High grade stainless steel – 316 Grade, same as what is used for surgical implements – formed into 15 gauge wire rings and then linked together.
  • In order to obtain the finest grade of stainless steel uses in food service the materials for this product are sourced in China from one of the few manufacturers in China that meets Knapp's quality standards. 
  • Final quality control, assembly, packaging, and shipping is all done in the United States. 
  • Item comes in a recyclable paper box.
  • Size: 4" x 4"
  • To clean dishcloth run through the dishwasher or wash in the sink. 
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty.  Learn more about Knapp's warranty program here.

How to clean your cast iron pans using the CM Dishcloth: use the CM Scrubber while the pan is still slightly warm. Add warm water to the pan and swish the scrubber around the edges and sides.

At Knapp Made they believe in keeping the kitchen as a place for memories, not bacteria.