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Barro Rojo Clay Berry Colander
Barro Rojo Clay Berry Colander
Barro Rojo Clay Berry Colander
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Barro Rojo Clay Berry Colander

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From summer berries to garden tomatoes, this pretty piece is ready to be used to rinse and display your produce. Prep your local bounty with this custom beauty – handmade by a master artist with earth from the local agricultural fields in Southern Mexico. In addition to being timeless, they are also safe for oven, food service and are lead-free.

Both utilitarian and traditional art piece, barro rojo pottery can be found in a variety of areas – from outdoor food vendors to elegant restaurant tables. These particular pieces are made custom for the Hecho collection by a master artist and her sister, who learned these incredible creative skills from both their mother and grandmother. The pieces are shaped on a simple wheel and also by hand. Texture and polish are added through the use of corn husks, oil cloth, stones, coconut shells, and an intense burnishing process with quartz stones. The pottery is pit fired for roughly one hour to arrive at the ideal hue.


  • Approximately 14cm wide x 8cm high, or 5.5 in wide x 3.20in high
  • Care
    • While these pieces are unglazed, given the nature of the pottery, it is best to hand wash these colanders and do not put them in the dishwasher or the microwave.
    • Greasy items like butter and oil will stain the surface, as they're unglazed.
    • Use of knives or other sharp pieces will scratch the surface of these pieces.

Meet the Makers
Founded in 2016, by Ehren Seeland, Hecho is a curated emporium of ethically made artisan works that serve as the intersection of contemporary design and traditional artisan processes. Ehren is committed to the recognition of a desire to share these remarkable experiences within the context of a sustainable business built on partnerships, respect and transparency.

Hecho is a woman-owned company based in Oaxaca, Mexico that collaborates with over 70 artisans in eight different Mexican states, along with two small towns in Guatemala, in order to create their custom collections. The goal of these efforts is to support the storied traditions of generations of makers, and further a growing movement of quality over quantity. There is an added focus on supporting women in their work, with over 65% of their artisan partners being female. To ensure safe and healthy working environments, the makers are visited in their homes and workshops. If the women artisans are not respected in either realm, Hecho will not work with the group. Hecho also strives to maintain a focus on visibility for artisans, supporting women in their work, and encouraging preservation of artisan art forms through positive shared revenue streams.