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Alice in Wonderland Face/Hand Towel
Alice in Wonderland Face/Hand Towel
Alice in Wonderland Face/Hand Towel
Alice in Wonderland Face/Hand Towel
Alice in Wonderland Face/Hand Towel
Kusubashi Monori

Alice in Wonderland Face/Hand Towel

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These unique and vibrant towels are the result of a collaboration between MiW Morita, a poetry and painting artist, and Kusubashi Monori, a towel manufacturer. MiW's mysterious and warm poems and drawings are reflected on the imagery of the towels helping to make everyday life more fashionable and happy. 

Use it for a long time, use it happily, use it in various ways.

The second towel in MiW fairy tale series is now available! This towel features a gauze like surface on one side while the other features a pile woven with gently twisted yarn. The world of MiW Morita is embroidered like a poem so much that you may be tempted to keep it quietly on a bookshelf. 

It is easy to use not only for bath time, but also for travel, sports, sauna time, outdoor activities, etc. because it is thin and not bulky. It also makes a great gift wrapping. 


  • 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: approximately 13.50 x 32 inches, 35 x 85cm
  • Made China. Designed in Japan.

Meet the Makers

Kusubashi Monori is committed to developing eco-processed products that have less of an environmental impact and at the same time make towels that meet customer needs. With the idea of creating daily life scenes from towels in mind, Kusubashi Monori has produced a large number of towels. They have a proven track record and a production system that allows them to make a variety of towels that suit a variety of lifestyles and ways of spending time, including luxury brands, environmentally friendly towels, and highly designed towels.