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Snakes Bandana | 14" Pocket
Snakes Bandana | 14" Pocket
Snakes Bandana | 14" Pocket
Snakes Bandana | 14" Pocket
Handker Bandanas

Snakes Bandana | 14" Pocket

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Finally, a petite bandana! Let's call them "Pockets" because they're so versatile—a chic little neckerchief, pocket square, or hanky for happy tears—but Handker did have one particular reason they wanted to make these lil guys: for your tiny furry friends! 

These are a little more than half the size of the 22" original Hemlock bandanas, and won't overwhelm your little pup! 

A bandana isn't just for looking good, although it can be a fun accessory.  It can also help you with so many tasks from tying your hair back, using as a baby bib, cleaning an unexpected mess away from home, or carrying a sandwich or some snacks.  

No matter what you use them for these bandanas will satisfy your desire to have a beautiful, practical thing in your life.  

  • Hand-drawn original patterns
  • 14 x 14 inches
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Hand screen printed in India

Meet the Maker

Handker marries creator Beth Snyder's love of art applied to functional goods.  Beth is inspired by the tenacious tenderness of plants and women!  The happy magic of unexpected color combinations on textiles you can touch and feel inspire this line of well made bandanas.