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We'Moon on the Wall 2024 | Astrological Moon Phase Calendar
We'Moon on the Wall 2024 | Astrological Moon Phase Calendar
We'Moon on the Wall 2024 | Astrological Moon Phase Calendar
We'Moon on the Wall 2024 | Astrological Moon Phase Calendar
Mother Tongue Ink

We'Moon on the Wall 2024 | Astrological Moon Phase Calendar

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The We'Moon wall calendar features exquisite women's art and inspirational writings from the We'Moon Astrological Planner, complete with daily moon phases and signs, notations for each pagan holiday and key astrological information and articles.

We'Moon on the Wall is a simplified version of the datebook, featuring 12"x 12" reproductions of a vibrant work of art for each month, selected from the 150+ pieces published in the datebook. It is a Month-at-a-glance Moon Phase Calendar showing the Moon phases for each day, graphically illustrated in light blue and yellow color tones to indicate when the Moon is Waxing or Waning, light enough to make any notations you write on the calendar still visible. 

Each year Mother Tongue Ink donates hundreds of We'Moon date books to women in prison and to social organizations. Pink Moon Goods is proud to donate $1 from sales of each planner and calendar to help offset shipping costs for the program. By purchasing a We'Moon planner or wall calendar you will help bring the joy, inspiration, and spirit of We'Moon to our sisters behind bars. 


  • Printed on recycled paper with soy based ink
  • Daily Moon Phases graphically depicted
  • Notation for when the Moon changes signs
  • The year-at-a-glance with full and new moons noted
  • Planetary insights for the year
  • Notations and writings for the 8 pagan holidays
  • Astrological prediction and overview for the year
  • Chinese astrology article by Susan Levitt
  • All major astrological transits noted
  • Notations for Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  • Influences of the different signs of the zodiac
  • Astrology signs and symbols at a glance

Meet the Makers

What is We'Moon? More than an Astrological Calendar!

It’s a way of life!

We’Moon is a lunar calendar, a handbook in natural rhythms,
and a collaboration of international women's cultures. 

We'Moon is an astrological planner complete with moon signs and phases.
A calendar filled with beautiful and inspiring art and writing.

Art and writing by women from many lands that offers a glimpse of the great diversity and uniqueness of a world we create in our own images. We’Moon is about womyn’s spirituality (spirit-reality). We share how we live our truths, what inspires us, and our connection with the whole Earth and all our relations.

It truly takes a collaborative community of world wide women to produce We'Moon!