Swedish Dishcloth | Mountains
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Swedish Dishcloth | Mountains

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Small but mighty.  Super absorbent.  Compostable.  Beautiful.   

One Swedish Dishcloth replaces at least 17 paper towels and absorbs up to 20x it's weight! Safe for nearly all surfaces, this cloth is perfect for household chores, cleaning up spills, washing dishes, polishing and more. Use with or without cleaning products.

To clean or disinfect simply place in the top rack of the dishwasher, boil in water or throw in the washing machine and hang dry!  Besides also being beautiful do you want to know the best part? These dishcloths are made from all natural materials so the cloth is entirely compostable.

  • Made from:
    • 70% cellulose from FSC certified forests
    • 30% cotton
    • Water based inks 
  • 6.75X8"
Goldilocks Wraps was started by Amy Hall after doing shark conservation work when she witnessed the devastation that plastic waste is unleashing on our oceans.  Her passion for improving the ocean's health really shows in the handmade products that Goldilocks makes with their attention to detail at each step of the process.