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Sleepy Moth | Cotton Ornament
Sleepy Moth | Cotton Ornament
Sleepy Moth | Cotton Ornament
Skippy Cotton

Sleepy Moth | Cotton Ornament

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Magical creations constructed of cloth with care for your delight. Each unique character penned from Emma’s own imagination is handcrafted using a combination of embroidery and beadwork techniques on assorted linens.

*Does not contain lavender*

Enchant year-round with these nostalgic items as gift toppers, holiday ornaments, or simply whimsical decor.

*Due to fragility or removable parts, this item is not a toy suitable for an infant or toddler.*

  • Dimensions: overall length of ornament is 6" 
  • Stuffed with organic cotton stuffing
  • Made in India
Meet the Maker
Skippy Cotton is Emma Mierop: an exceptionally imaginative, self-taught textile and paper-based artist, based in the Northern NJ/NYC area.

With a background in retail management and visual merchandizing, Emma began sharing her artwork on social media in 2017 under the moniker “Skippy Cotton”—a name she discovered on a typed piece of vintage ephemera. Quirky, lighthearted, and not-too-serious—it was perfect for her work. And so, like Ziggy Stardust was to David Bowie, Skippy Cotton soon was to Emma Mierop. 

As Skippy Cotton has expanded and become an outlet for her growing collection of work, her whimsical creations have developed a devoted following, and she’s skillfully leveraged social media and production partnerships to scale her artistic practice in order to work with clients local and global. Her work can be seen in shops in her own hometown of Montclair, New Jersey, and as far as Copenhagen.

As her brand's recognition has grown, Emma has made it her mission to use her influence and platform to support her community of small, female-run businesses—something she’s deeply passionate about.