Earth Notebook 3 Pack
Earth Notebook 3 Pack
Earth Notebook 3 Pack

Earth Notebook 3 Pack

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This set of notebooks is for all the science dorks out there.  Each one features a different category of the earth's beautiful living beings.  From turtles and sharks, mushrooms and ferns, and moths and ladybugs there is simply no better set of notebooks to inspire your deep thoughts.  


  • Kraft covers
  • 3-pack set: Marine Biology, Botany, & Entomology Designs
  • Each notebook is 4.75" x 7"
  • 80 blank pages
  • Made in China, sadly

Meet the Makers

The idea for Denik was born from the desire of two friends, Jake and Tyler, to create a brand of notebook that was well made, honored collaborations with artists, and could contribute to their mission of "funding education projects through art and creativity."  What started as a grassroots effort in 2011 has grown to a community of artists and creative professionals.  The Denik movement has successfully funded 5 schools as of 2018: two in Mali, one in Guatemala, one in Laos, and one in Ghana.  

They continue to press forward with their hopes of show the world that "Art Can Change The World."  They are excited to have you as a part of the community and to be your creative accomplice.