Pea Flower II | Kate Huser Santucci Mini Art
Kate Huser Santucci

Pea Flower II | Kate Huser Santucci Mini Art

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This delicate miniature piece captures two pea flowers as they begin to open up to release their sweet intoxicating smell.  There is something a bit solemn as the sweet pea flowers are surrounded by a dark hue.  

This piece is a mixed media wax painting that is lovingly framed in a handmade wooden frame.  The entire piece is a sweet 4" x 4".

A native Daytonian, Kate Santucci live and works in Dayton, Ohio. Kate started her career as a sculptor and is now working primarily in encaustic.  The work combines wax painting with mixed media techniques to create pieces that examine our connection to the universe we are a part of, and our relationship to the natural world as we understand it.