Party Stickers
Party Stickers
Party Stickers
Aiko Fukawa

Party Stickers

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This sheet of stickers has a little bit of delight for lovers of animals, quaint small village imagery, and all the magic of living in the world.  24 images in all this is definitely a party sheet of stickers. 

  • 24 stickers on a sheet size 3.75" x 6.5" 
  • Average size of each sticker is approximately 1" 
  • Not waterproof

Aiko Fukawa is a Japanese illustrator who enjoys creating art for children's books, advertisements, stationary, and magazines.  She lives in Japan but enjoys working with clients from all over the world.  

Her collection of beautiful products is produced by Cozyca, a product line started by Japanese stationery maker Hyogensha's  (表現社)which was established in 1948.
They produce a wide variety of beautiful and unique products in collaboration with Japanese artists.  

With the rise of emails and smartphones in this rational world, Hyogensha thinks it is now, most important than ever to take the time and effort to give your loved ones a sincere message.