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Modelling Beeswax with Pure Beeswax | STOCKMAR 6-pack
Modelling Beeswax with Pure Beeswax | STOCKMAR 6-pack

Modelling Beeswax with Pure Beeswax | STOCKMAR 6-pack

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Kids love molding and kneading shapes and this kind of artistic medium lets them make the world their own. STOCKMAR Modelling Beeswax is the perfect material for this. It's highly versatile and clean. Though initially hard, the high proportion of beeswax helps the wax softens in warm hands. Thorough kneading makes it soft so it lends its silky consistency to all kinds of shapes.

The harmonious and luminous colors and pleasing beeswax smell makes this craft process appeals to the senses. 


  • Clean handling wax that does not leave residue
  • Paper box includes 6 pieces of modelling beeswax in the following colors: 01 carmine red, 04 golden yellow, 07 green, 09 blue, 13 rust, 00 ivory
  • Each sheet measures 4" x 1.6" x .24" 

Meet the Makers

At Mercurius "art makes sense" and it shows in their commitment to high quality produce for creative education, working together with Waldorf schools, and being socially and environmentally responsible. 

Mercurius is the leading supplier of independent and public Waldorf schools as early childhood programs. They supply sustainably produced products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, toys, and imaginative play. Mercurius is committed to sourcing products and services from organizations that employ people with disabilities.