Sun Flower Tea Towel
Sun Flower Tea Towel

Sun Flower Tea Towel

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This tea towel design is inspired by fields of sunflowers.  It is hand block printed on hand spun and hand woven organic khadi cotton. Made on a traditional loom, this fabric is brought to life by members of the weaving community.  The design is hand block printed and dyed in a bath of flowers, fruit, and minerals, all natural dye ingredients that are safe for the maker, the planet and you!  Each towel has two small loops for hanging, one on the short side and one on the long side.  They are sturdy and beautiful!  Our favorite combination.  

  • hand woven on the hand loom
  • hand dyed in natural dyes 
  • teal and gold
  • organic cotton
  • 16" x 28"

Ich*cha started with a wish of three sisters to preserve and promote the beautiful handmade textiles that are slowly losing against the world that's passing by very fast! Rachna, Ruchika, and Monika were bothered that the handmade crafts and craftsmanship were so under-valued, especially in countries like India where, survival was more important. With the passion to do something about it, they travelled to India and met many artisans families and saw that most of them were connected with their art as a tradition passed down from their ancestors that they also wish to pass down to their children. The urge to become a part of this history in the making was too overwhelming for them to deny.  And thus came ichcha, or 'a wish', to live and encourage everyone to live consciously; conscious of the environment and of the value and life of the products created and sought.