Pea Flower I | Kate Huser Santucci Mini Art
Kate Huser Santucci

Pea Flower I | Kate Huser Santucci Mini Art

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This delicate miniature piece captures the pea flower in full bloom with its wee tendril spinning tightly as it reaches out for something to grab onto.  We all know that feeling.   

This piece is a mixed media wax painting that is lovingly framed in a handmade wooden frame.  The entire piece is a sweet 4" x 4".

A native Daytonian, Kate Santucci live and works in Dayton, Ohio. Kate started her career as a sculptor and is now working primarily in encaustic.  The work combines wax painting with mixed media techniques to create pieces that examine our connection to the universe we are a part of, and our relationship to the natural world as we understand it.