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Concrete Soap Dish (with spout)
Concrete Soap Dish (with spout)
Riley Street Market + Photography

Concrete Soap Dish (with spout)

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Meet the soap dish of your dreams.  Sturdy and made from reliable concrete, this soap dish comes with a wonderful spout.  No more gunked up soap dishes for you.  Set this on the edge of the sink and watch that water just spill on out keeping your soap nice and dry after use.

Perfect fit for any soaps in our store including WATO soaps and Meliora dish soap blocks.


  • made from sealed concrete
  • matte surface
  • rubber stops on bottom keep dish from sliding around
  • size: 5" x 4" 1.25"
  • soap not included
  • handmade from natural materials which may result in slight imperfections to look 

Meet the Maker

Sam Hughes is the wonderful creative mind behind Riley Street Market + Photography.  A Dayton transplant, she comes from the far away land of Australia.  You may have seen her beautiful photography that often features the most delicate dessert treats of your dreams as well as many iconic Dayton sights.  You see her lovely work here in the product images as well. Sam also trades in vintage goods and other urban home goods that she makes by hand.  She is a force to be reckoned with and we couldn't be more pleased that she tackled this project with grace and ease.