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Cleanse | Large Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrap
Cleanse | Large Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrap
Cleanse | Large Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrap
Cleanse | Large Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrap

Cleanse | Large Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrap

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Gorgeous, sustainable and affordable, Wrappr is the simple, earth-loving alternative to disposable paper gift wrapping. Honouring furoshiki, the 1,200-year-old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping, each Wrappr is a gift in itself, designed to be repurposed and reused and perfect for any season or celebration.

From The Escapism Collection this large furoshiki wrap featuring original artwork by Ottawa, Canada based artist lzysunday is perfect for wrapping larger gifts or repurposing as a bag or scarf.

Human beings search for escapism in many things. Oftentimes, the best way to find it is to get back in touch with nature and its beautiful gifts. These wraps were inspired by Boston ferns and Rubber plants, two plants that are known for cleansing and purifying the air. The Escapism Collection honors the natural beauty of the planet and the peace you may find within it. 


  • Dimensions 90 cm x 90 cm or 35.5 x 35.5 inches
  • Perfect for large gifts or repurposing as a bag or scarf
  • Made in China at a factory that has routine inspections for safety standards and workplace ethics and with waste saving measures in place
  • Comes with a reusable gift tag to keep track of how far your Wrappr will go - and how much waste it will save from the landfill
  • Simple packaging made from FSC certified card stock and string
  • Product is 100% cotton and machine washable

Meet the Makers

A new baby, a climate crisis and souvenirs from Japan - all led to the birth of Wrappr. 

Shocked by the amount of waste that was a result of the wrapping paper that adorned the thoughtful gifts she received at the birth of her first child, founder Brittany started to think more seriously about the kind of world she wanted her daughter to inherit. Remembering the gorgeous furoshiki her brother had returned from Japan with she knew it was time to bring this eco-friendly alternative gift wrap to North America. They were reusable, simple to fold and incredibly beautiful. Brittany knew that not only could the fabric wraps offer a sustainable solution to the gift wrap epidemic, they could also give artists around the world the opportunity to promote and sell their work.

Wrappr collaborates with independent artists 
who love our planet as much as you do, to offer a range of designs. Every eco-friendly Wrappr reduces our carbon footprint, supports our creative community and makes the world a better, more beautiful place.

The team at Wrappr hopes that every Wrappr has a long, happy and purposeful life and that one day, the circular economy of furoshiki will be embraced by everyone, making disposable wrapping paper a thing of the past.

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