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Bulk Bags | Set of Two
Dans le Sac

Bulk Bags | Set of Two

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These reusable bulk bags are perfect for all your bulk purchases! An ideal replacement for plastic grocery bags when buying fruits and vegetables or bulks grains, pasta, coffee, or beans & legumes. The convenient size also makes them perfect for storing small items. You can even use these bags to make your own nut based milk.


  • Combo pack includes two bags
  • 1 large bag is 10" x 13" and 1 small bag is 6" x 10"
  • Made from 100% cotton grown in the US
  • Made in Quebec, Canada
  • Machine wash and dry

Meet the Makers

Dans le Sac was launched by Laurie and Stéphanie to inspire change. Protecting the environment is more than just a passion for them. It’s a lifestyle. For many years they made their own make-up and cleaning products but in May 2016 it all came together for them when they launched Dans le Sac to inspire change on a larger scale. They knew they could make a difference by offering simple and convenient alternatives that respect both our health and the planets. They are proud to have developed sustainable products that fit into your daily routines,
items that you’ll want to use over and over again, and that help us all reduce our
ecological footprint.

Dans le Sac is now a blog with a lovely extended family where people are there and ready to inspire people on their own as well. Laurie and Stéphanie are very proud of what they’ve built together. And this is only the beginning! Check out their blog with lots of DIY tips for reducing waste at home here.