A Kids Book About Shame
A Kids Book About Shame

A Kids Book About Shame

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This is a book about shame. Yep, that messy thing we all carry but we like to hide.  But shame is such an important topic to talk about, especially with kids.  Because guess what? They feel it all the time.  And they just don't know how to talk about it.  Because even grownups don't know how to talk about it.  Shame doesn't make us anything less than enough.  It just makes us human.  

Designed in Portland, Oregon by A Kids Book About, Inc.  

Written by Jamie Letourneau who makes illustrations as an extension of herself to help humans navigate and share ideas and emotions.  She can also be found slinging sentimental paper goods under her company: Meander Ink, biking around Portland, Oregon, and unashamedly waving at all the dogs.  

Better together*

*this book is best read together, grownup and kid.