Multi Colored Wool Dryer Balls
Multi Colored Wool Dryer Balls
Echoview Fiber Mill

Multi Colored Wool Dryer Balls

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Use these wool balls in the dryer to eliminate the need for dryer sheets.  They will leave your laundry feeling soft and fresh.  Each ball can last years with at least 1000 uses.  For fun you can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the surface of the balls.  

Content: 100% USA sourced wool.

Unit: 3 dryer balls per box, colors will vary

Production: Sustainably handmade by community makers from a 100% natural, renewable, and earth-friendly resource. Then, processed in the LEED Gold, and living wage certified facility at Echoview Fiber Mill. Packaged using recycled materials and eco-friendly ink.